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[QUOTE=bearboy]get a grip.[/QUOTE]

Weather it's nyquil or tylenol, billboards for liqour, cigarette ads every time you walk in the store, on tv, brittney spears smoking, janet jackson's boob, sex pop-ups on the internet, strattera commercials - any medium. You and your child and every other american are exposed to enough marketing to "get ideas planted in your head". And quite honestly i think its innapropriate that you would allow your 12 year old to come on to a website like this. There also many other topics on this board which are questionable for a child that young to be seeing. And thats my problem with your post.

People smoke. That's a fact. People smoke tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, heroin and everything else they think is going to get them high. that is a part of life and [U]everyone will experience peer pressure[/U] to try drugs and alcohol at a young age from other kids. even your child. You can read about kids in school selling their adderall pills to classmates all over the internet. even though you might not like it or want it to happen, it will. and weather your child decides to try the drugs and alcohol and medication is his/her choice, as it is the choice of everyone else.

99% do what the doctor says. you think he knows best because he is a doctor. but in the end, everyones just a human..and everyone bangs to the beat of a diffrent drum.

as i said before. get a grip. it's 2004. Its diffrent now than 1984.

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