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Well, I am a mother of 2 boys with ADHD, and a Step-mother of 1 boy who has been on different meds since he was about 4, now age 12. He has been taken off of all meds because of his Dad's beliefs and other issues dealing with suicide thoughts. I believe that he has been treated for ADHD for years, and it was the wrong diagnosis. Plus, he was given a very HIGH dose of Concerta and other meds. He is doing much better without. My boys are doing well with only 27mg of Concerta and are only 7 & 9.
Enough about me. I am not a doctor, but I will give you my opinion.

I believe you should definitely have him reevaluated. They may be treating him for the wrong reason, and his doses sound entirely too high. Although, all children are different, and react differently.
Go with your gut feeling, and get him tested yourself.
You have just as much rights as she does, and you are doing the right thing.

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