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Comparativley, a typical amphetamine addict uses 2-300mg at once..and usually again at some point in that day. And this is not justifing what you did in any way. First, If you had overdosed on the adderall, you wouldnt have been able to make your post. Secondly, It is a very dumb thing to take someone else's pills in the first place, but to take someone's amphetamine pills is something diffrent. That is not like taking four shots of tequila because you're the man or like you popped a xanax ... That is a schedule II controlled substance and if you are caught with any, or under the influence of it, it is a felony, as it is also to posess schedule II narcotics (second only to illicit and illegal narcotics) without a prescription. but 180 MG?? would you take 18 XTC pills if your friend said it was OK too? You could seriously give yourself a major heart attack if you mess around with adderall. Its strength is second only to Dexedrine. If you went to the ER, you and your friend would be in some deep doo.

Use your head! be careful.
Adderall is a very potent stimulant.

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