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I never said I was anti-establishment nor do I agree with your interpritation of my situation. I also never said that we should never let our children watch TV or play video games. What I was saying is that I used to be much like many parents, and stuck my daughter in front of the TV or video game along with medication to keep her "under control". The fact was, I didn't spend enough time with her. I did not involve her in my everyday activities, I considered her different from other children and didn't understand how to take care of my own child. I say this because I am ashamed that I tried to handle her the way I did and am now changing and trying to give others ideas of ways to give ADD/ADHD children attention and help them to learn to control themselves without depending on medication or turning to drugs. And kids need excersize man.

Honestly Laird, I think you were a bit rude and didn't fully comprehend what I was saying.

The reason I believe that the time release medication, Concerta, caused these kidney stones in my daughter is because of much research I have done. Many doctors are finding children coming into the ER's with horrible pain, upon CAT scans they are finding Concerta built up in their kidneys. In fact many doctors have removed these pieces of medication assuming it was a kidney stone and upon evaluation found it was pieces of Concerta. I have not simply jumped to conclusions but also discussed this with my daughter's nephrologist. And by the way, since I took my daughter off of the medication at the beginning of summer her tests are already coming back better, if that isn't proof enough. :)

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