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I don't see medication as the only choice, but an important one combined with other interventions such as behavioral therapy, more intense parent-child interaction...that sort of thing. Our nephew came to stay with us approx. 6 years ago (he is 12 now) and was just diagnosed with inattentive ADD based off of his poor performance in school despite small group classes and some home teaching/summer school. He is constantly fidgeting in the absence of meds and even a little bit while on the meds (Adderall XR 10 mg./day). His dose is low and he just started it within the month. He was told that he is not being forced to take the med, that it may not be necessary sometimes like when playing on the weekend off of school. He is a fairly manipulative child, so we told him that he should just tell us if he is going to take the med so we can know what sort of behavior/attitude to expect. The only problem with doing this (though I want him to learn how to control his symptoms) is that he wants to hopscotch a lot with the med, one day on, one day off...I don't see that as too therapeutic either. We are learning. The med definitely lets him slow down to think things through and hopefully will provide him the opportunity to absorb most of what he is taught, because quite frankly, retention for him without the meds is zero. Meds aren't for everyone...some aren't able to physically tolerate them. I am thankful that so far my nephew can take them.

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