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[QUOTE=Mutt00]"Losing effectiveness is a sign of tolerance. This can also happen with amphetamines so keep that in mind. Long-term use of amphetamines have been recently linked to the development depression."

Ty so much what you just said solved my problems I took Adderal in the morning and a 10mg of an amphatamine in the afternoons. After a while of using the damn stuff I started losing interest in things and it felt like all i had to do was just get stuff done... It also made a lot of anxiety problems Ive had a lot worse. I quit using amphetamines and now it finally feels like Im back to my normal self and no more insomnia:P The reason this was problem for me is amphatamines only help me out for a little while then the effect wares off but i still have the energy but for wanting to be a animator its hard to come up with ideas and get that inspiration back but its hard to get that inspiration back when I am on meds I just dont have the drive to do anything I just like I need to get stuff done not want to get stuff done. LOL its hard to explain. To sum it up amphatamines make me feel like a robot.[/QUOTE]

They made you feel that way because they are a drug, not medicine no matter what we've been told.

Adderall is an amphetamine, an amphetamine is speed, no matter how "controlled" a prescription is, it is still something toxic to the brain. With any psychoactive drug like that, tolerance (effects wear off) is always a possibilty down the road. Tolerance, as I read it explained once, is the brain's "self defense" against a chemical trying to run it. Tolerance will cause the brain to build up opposing receptors to nullify the drugs' effect. This leaves the brain with imbalances of receptors.

Those imbalances can correct themselves with drug abstinence, but the amount of time that takes can be short or very long, depending.

Anyway, good luck with the animation, that has to be a very cool field to be in...

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