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[QUOTE=JDRkids]I am new here. I have never posted on an ADD board before because my daughter has always done pretty much ok with her ADD and meds.

Well, recently she has not been taking her Adderall and has managed to pass the written portion of the drivers test BUT not the driving part. I am just sick about this. It throws the reality in of her kindergarten years when they told me she just isn't ready for Kindergarten. Now here we are at 16, and she is not ready to drive.

She has taken drivers ED, passed with an A and B. When she goes to take the drivers test at the BMV, she fails.

I am just at a loss here. Not sure if I should have her try the third time or not. If she fails the 3rd time, she must apply for another permit, wait the time and then take alllll the tests over again. Her self confidence has plummeted.

My heart hurts for her so terribly! Not to mention the endless hours working with her on this and all the hours I have had her driving my car.

I do not know what to do. Even if I "MAKE " her take her meds, it is no guarantee she will pass.

JDR"s kids[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry, I know your intentions are good, but the thing here that seems to be a consistant with ADD kids is that their parents/teachers/peers put alot of importance and pressure on them about things that in reality are not important. I saw this very thing in my brother-in-laws' family with his ADHD diagnoised son. The answer is to let go of what we perceive as important goals/deadlines. A little bit of pressure to achieve in life can be motivating; too much can cause panic and sometimes addiction/social alienation/bad behaviors.

I know we parents want to see our kids keep up with the best of them, but some just need more time than others to reach those goals; and some are not meant to reach certain goals but have their own road to follow which is sometimes off the main highway of life.

No way on heaven and earth I myself was ready to have a driver's license at 16 and I knew it....I was distracted alot and fearful of the road on top of it.

My mother said, no big deal, don't worry, you will be a different person in a few years. Yep, after my 18th birthday and more practice, I felt better about my driving and passed the test. Only one ticket (let myself get in too much of a hurry one day) in 29 years of driving and no accidents....not bad for someone who got a D in Driver's ED.

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