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Out of Control
Aug 2, 2004
My nephew 10 has been struggling with ADD and ADHD for atleast five years i think now....He is now becoming very voilent lately....The other day he strangled his seven year old sister and punched my five year son in the stomach....But if you were to say anything to him he cries as if he is the victim....Now another thing is that my sister just seperated from her husband....The problem started before she seperated but has gotten worse now....He is on Adderall but it seems to calm his down, as he's not all over the place but doesn't help with the anger issues....Is this normal for children with ADD and ADHD???How can we help him so he is not out of control???My sister had a babysitter for about a week and she quit because he was so out of control....My sister time and time again has tried to work with him but it just doesn't seem to work....Now they live with my mother and she tries so hard to understand but gets very frustrated with him....Also is it normal for him to be still wetting the bed???The doctor she has is really no help other than medicating him....She can't change to another doctor due to where she lives......Please give us some advice for this little boy who really needs help but we just don't know how to help him..........................

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