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Hi I'm new here and hoping someone can help. Here is some background-
My 9 yr old son was diagnosed with ADHD about 6mos ago, although we have been seeing symptoms since Kindergarden. He has never been the type to jump up out of his seat, get into trouble or lose things but he does have some problems with impulse control, focusing his attention and staying on task. Both my husband and I were against treating him with meds so we never sought a formal Dx until the beginning of this year. We thought we would be able to help him though it, he would grow out of it, ect... As class sizes became larger and school became harder and demanded more attention he started falling more and more behind. 30 - 40min of homework was taking hours!! We didn't know what else to do for him so at his wonderful teachers suggestion we finally started looking at meds. We took him to a ped. whose speciality was pediatric ADHD.

We didn't want to try a stimulant because we were afraid of dependancy, mood swings, ect... so we started with Strattera. For the first week or 2 it seemed to be ok, then the mood swings started. He became angry ALL the time. His anger was all he seemed to be focusing on. He was blowing up over the smallest things. And physical activity became nearly impossible for him. After talking to the Dr she said it sounded like toxicity so she lowered his dosage from 40 - 25mg. We began stepping up the meds at 10mg. Still things just got worse. To the point that we were having to phisically restrain him at times. He was not the same kid anymore and we hadn't gotten up to the 25mg dose yet! Then we noticed he seemed to be getting better, thats when we realized that he had missed 3 doses. So we stopped giving him the meds for a week to see if there was an improvement. Gradually there was! He got better and better. He was the calmer, happier yet more implusive child we loved again!

Well after talking to the Dr. again she still insists it's toxicity and wants to keep him on Strattera at a dose of 10mg but she said that she will switch him to Concerta if thats what we want. I don't know what to do! Do I chance a child from [email protected] again and put him back on Strattera? Will things be just as bad on Concerta? What is the worst case senerio on Concerta?

I'm hoping someone with similar experiences here can offer me some advice, suggestions or ideas. Sorry for being so long. Bless you if you read this far!Any help is GREATLY appriciated!


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