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I just wanted to share a success story. My daughter had an increase in her Adderall CR ( or is that XR?) from 20 mg to 40 mg., and she can recognize a difference in her ability to focus and concentrate.

It is a wonderful feeling from a mom perspective knowing that the increase is helping her. It just feels so good knowing that sometimes in this ADD world world that we struggle through so much for either ourselves or our children, that once in awhile, things work out for the better. It may be a tiny step for my daughter, but it has made a very significant difference in her life thus far.
I was wanting to know how old your daughter is. My son is 6. They started him on 10 mg last September. In July of this year it was increased to 30 mg. (By the way it was in steps Like 15, then 20, then 25, back down to 20 and now 30.)
My daughter was 17 the first of June. We also had it increased in steps. We went from 20 mg. to 30 mg. now 40 mg.

She was on 5 mg. 3 times a day for years but she just was not focusing properly. She had flunked out of all math courses and struggled with foreign languages so something had to give. WHen she was nearly in a car accident I decided that was it, no more, she needs something different or testing for other neurological problems.

Regardless, if anyone out there is like me, it is rare to hear of a success story so I wanted to share this to lend some hope for all those that struggle with this darned ADD/ADHD.

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