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[QUOTE=Mutt00]Ive been working out for about a month or so, and not just taking the occasional walk im actually weight lifting and stretching and getting into sports again. Ive realised so far that this is working better than any amphetamines. Some people just dont want to try a diet and work out but they dont realise the results in energy and mental attitude it gives you. From now on I'm staying away from meds and im gonna get healthy the hard way mentally and physicaly. Please I really advise people to try this even if you are taking meds.[/QUOTE]

The feel good chemicals exercise induce are stimuating. to the mind and body. If it works for your ADD, great!! My nephew was having trouble with ADHD too; Adderall and Strattera had bad side effects so he switched to taking up skateboarding and sports. He seems to be doing well now; gets a little distracted now and then, but really has improved without the need for meds.

His parents are in the medical field, so they made sure he had accurate diagnosis. I guess that isn't always a life sentence, though...

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