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Aug 18, 2004
Hi all, I am currently going to begin taking Focalin for the sexual side effect of prozac, it is supposed to help with it according to my doctor.
I do however have ADD and am currently on Adderall 30mg a day, and the nurse said that I might like it for my ADD better than Adderall as it has less side effects.
I am interested in hearing about people's experiences with it. Especially if anyone has been on Adderall then switched to this. Really anyone's experiences with this medicine at all would be great. I would love it so much if it worked for my ADD as well as the sexual side effects of the prozac. A girl can dream right. LOL! I would greatly appreciate any experiences with this. Thanks
Re: Focalin
Apr 1, 2005
My daughter now takes Focalin after nearly 4 years on Adderall. We began looking for something different as the Adderall had removed all of her personality and I think she was on her way to depression which I understand Adderall can cause. I can't really tell she's taking anything with Focalin other than she is able to stay more focused. No side-effects whatsoever. Also, she is able to take a much lower dose. But as the other poster commented, these medications effect everyone differently.
Re: Focalin
Apr 2, 2005
I absolutely hated Focalin. I had run out of my Adderall and my psychiatrist suggested I try Focalin and I did and all it did for me was make my heart race and made me feel horrible for the day I took it. If I remember right it is a form of Ritalin which also was horrible for me. I am now happily back on Adderall (10-20mg a day) and back to happy self.

Everyone reacts different so it is definitely what works best for YOU. Good luck and hopefully you won't have the reaction I did with Focalin.

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