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... I started adderall XR 20 mg. last year at this time..i went from 226 lbs to 146 lbs in a year..I feel great but still have no appetite.. ... (4 replies)
Adderall xr
Sep 20, 2005
... Side effects for me taking adderall XR 20 mg.... ... (2 replies)
... Today I gave blood for the 2nd time in my life and I am taking Adderall XR 30mg and I wanted to make absolute sure this was safe. The girl told me I was fine but my blood pressure and pulse were really high. ... (1 replies)

Adderall tolerance
Jun 30, 2005
... I started taking adderall XR 20 mg about 4 months ago. I took it for about 2 months and stopped when school was out for the summer. ... (1 replies)
... If he was doing 20MG once a day, then switched to 20 MG XR once a day his medication has been cut in half. That's why he's moody. ... (6 replies)
... I'd love to hear some comparisons of the two. I'm taking ritalin now, 20 mg, three or four X a day, and I'm thinking about the possibility of trying something new. ... (18 replies)
... Anything that is "stimulating" to the nervous system may worsen existing anxiety. SSRi's like Lexapro and stimulant ADD meds fall into that catagory. Although SSRi's are not classed as "stimulants", serotonin itself is an excitatory neurotransmitter, and a powerful vasoconstrictor. Strattera, also not classed as a stimulant is a norepinephine re-uptake inhibitor;... (8 replies)
... My son takes Adderall and he has anxiety problems. The doctor recently increased his Lexapro to 20 mg because the anxiety is getting worse. ... (8 replies)
Adderall and OCD
Aug 25, 2004
... Ty for replying...I wasnt aware that stimulants make it worse,first heard about it when I looked up info about Adderall-which was just recently..No,my OCD isnt being treated,Im bein treated for my other issues-depression,social anxiety,ADD & anger problems..I take 20 mg in the morning/afternoon (4 replies)
... About 4 months ago I started taking adderall for adult add. ... (8 replies)
... The way my dr. explained the xr was you get 10mg in the morning and the other 10mg around noon. I would think that if you took another 20mg, you would get 20mg at once at noon. (23 replies)
Nov 25, 2003
... No, these stimulant meds are not based on weight. Some kids need a total of 20 mg or more while others do fine on 10 mg. It is true that doctors often tell patients to experiment until they see a change. Mine told me the same. ... (3 replies)
... I am curious if there are any adults using Adderall XR out there, and what dose you are currently taking. ... (23 replies)
... Just curious about one thing. People on the old board have mentioned that it took awhile for Concerta to work for them...weeks even. My son switched from 20 mg. Adderall once and sometimes twice a day to 36 mg. Concerta once a day, over two months ago. He couldn't see any change...but then he's not too observant. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks, I was thinking my dose was pretty high. I tried 20 mg (x 3, so 60 mg a day) the other day and I felt better, but still had the horrible anxiety in the evening. I have been off the meds for a couple of days now and feel much less anxious, but work yesterday was really hard. I guess I will talk to my doc about adjustments. (11 replies)
... im on 10 mg (Brand only) but on ly take 1/4 a pill every few days. I have a feeling you might just be used to this dosage. have you considered going off it for a bit THENn going back on the pill? i did this when I had the same issue as you. It was no longer working for me. I cut it back (i was on 20 mg a day). now, i am super senstive to this drug and notice a difference... (10 replies)
... I will talk to her about the dosage and what she thinks. The weird thing is, before I was prescribed it, I tried a 20 mg IR from a friend. The results were amazing, I was concentrating like I never had before, and learned a lot. ... (27 replies)
... Hey all.. Been officially diagnosed for about a year, always had insurance...recently lost my job and insurance. I take 20 mg / 3 a day...I take the instant release because I like the "control" over whether I need the whole thing or not. Anyway, I went from paying $10/mo for 90 tabs, and now it's $120. I'd say there has been a significant price hike!!! Wouldn't still use... (13 replies)
... I have ADHD. Recently, like yesterday I got a refill 20 mg #60 without insurance that cost $80. This is exhorbitant compared to the 27 or 28 dollars, i was paying a month ago. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks (13 replies)
... I went ahead and took a 20 mg. this morning. Strangely I don't feel dizzy or any thing from it like I did the first 2 days. ... (5 replies)

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