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Try 5mg instead... some people do feel tired from it...

I only do when I have had too much (my body is weird... some days I need less meds, and they get absorbed quicker), normally I don't feel tired on Ritalin.

But coffee (machine coffe, not instant) sends me to sleep... whereas Valerian mostly wakes me up and gives me rapid hearbeat... like what most people get from coffee... go figure!
I am a 36 year old male with ADHD. I am prescribed Ritalin. At first my Doctor stated me on 10mg 2 times a day. After a month on this dose I became anti social, started smoking lots of cigaretts, and just wanted to be left alone to read. I talked to my doctor about this and we tried a lower dose. I was put on 5mg 3 times a day. This was the perfect dose that helped with my symtoms and I returned to my normal social
habits. You will need to work with your doctor for the first few months to find out what works best.

Other Drugs that were tried by me were Welbutrin, it made me sick. Stratera, did not help at all. Adderal, made me fell weird, and depressed when the drug wore off. But that is my story.

I can say that I am glade that the doctors found out that I had this. Going untreated lead me into all sorts of problems. Most of those problems are gone now. And I am doing very well these days.


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