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[QUOTE=crazygirl32]Thank you for telling me that. He has sleep apnea.. which means he can't sleep well at night so he has to have soemthing or he is up all night.. but he is going to just see how he does with just the strattera for now. He is not going to raise the dosage and just see how he does for a while.. if he has to.. he can take it for a while and then get off it hopefully if he does better. It is so frustrating for me too becuase he is like living with 2 different people. HE is really happy or he is down and quiet. I just know it is the meds and try to be patient with him until he can get through this phase of his life.

Thank you for talking to me about this situation. I just don't feel like I have anyone to talk to sometimes.

Thank you.[/QUOTE]

Your welcome, I know it's hard to watch a loved one struggle. Has he tried any sleep anea stuff like loosing weight, or surgery for the soft tissue removal in his throat, etc.? Seems sleeping pills forever is not such a good idea.

I know alot about sleep meds cause I developed tolerance to them. I was first given them because of a reaction to some codiene I was taking for an illness.

It took a few years to get natural sleep back after that ordeal, the tolerance I developed was so bad that even the highest dose of the pill did not bring sleep; I'd be awake for days before finally getting 4 hours or so. Now that is all behind me, I sleep pretty good now on my own, but it was terrifying, I'll never forget it.

Anyway, during that course, I did have a sleep test, in which I only slept a little since I had just gotten off pills. The technician mentioned to my husband I had a WAY above average "oxygen exchange", which I think apnea people do not have a good exchange.

I attribute my good oxygen exchange to the fact, well, since I was in my twenties, I regulary work out with weights. I have heard resistance training does wonders for everything in the body, including such oxygen use and also blood flow, mainly because weight training forces blood harder than even aerobic activity.

So when your hubby feels better, perhaps he could get into some of that later? Just a suggestion for the apnea....

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