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well thank you everyone for all your replies!! He has had weight loss surgery, so we know that isn't it now.. although it does help some. I will mention to him about the concerta, and see what he thi nks. it is a stimulant? He says this strattera keeps his mind awake and he feel more calm.. does that do the same for you?? I just feel like I am living with a different person sometimes. He is very quiet and to himslef more since he has been on the strattera. He doesn't seem to talk much or listen.. but he says he likes it except that he has to take sleeping pills to go to sleep. I have told him that isn't good for him.. but he has no choice..has tried everything else.. and this is the only thing that will give me rest at night. Not sure what else to do... so guess we will see what happens but I will mention the concerta.
thank you again! write soon.

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