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Re: New here
Sep 6, 2004
Welcome - kind of new here myself but since we just went thru this process, I wanted to ask you a few questions.

First, did your Dr. run any bloodwork or tests to determine if there are any physical issues that may or may not be mimicing ADD? As I understand it, that should be a fairly basic first we took on the recommendation of the ADD specialist PRIOR to the 1st appointment.

Second, I think you did absolutely right to go to a specialist rather than deal with a primary care phsyician who may, or may not, "get" the issues here.

Prior to looking a medication, particularly since your son has seen results with different types of therapeutic intervention previously, are you interested in meeting with other specialists that could help your son develop coping skills without medication? When first looking into ADD in depth, I was surprised how many kids diagnosed with ADD actually have a learning disability. There are some statistics out there that SEEM to be saying that if the LD is addressed first, the child may not have to take meds. Just something we came across...

I wish you luck. Seeking information and the best resources can only help your child. God Bless... Z'sMom

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