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Our pediatrician told us the going rate for Ritilan is about $3.00 per pill (not extended release) in the city schools. It gives you the same quick burst that a street amphetamene would (again, Dr's words not mine). The point of snorting it would be to get quicker absorbtion thru the mucus membranes instead of waiting for it to dissolve in the stomach.

Non-stimulant drugs (strattera for example) don't give the buzz but are not thought to work as well for all types of ADHD or ADD as well as stimulant drugs.

If these meds are managed (i.e. not accessible to kids at will and taken under supervision) this shouldn't be an issue for your specific child.
Who calls it kiddie coke? Who says it addictive? Please don't make such reckless statements without medical proof. Are you suggesting I'm addicted because I use Ritalin?

Every single board is the same, the board says it's a "resource for people with ADD" but it always ends up a board where non-add people come to rag on our meds.
To Norat ~*~

How right you are... I don't come here often because the views can be very skewed on meds. and very often uninformed! :confused:

For our family it is real, we treat not only ADD, but Epilepsy, Autism, and Sinsory Intergration Dysfunction with both diet control and meds.

We spend tons of time on the research and in the pede neurologists office. We have taken part in FDA approvals for new anticonvulsants with my youngest, so I know first hand the amount of research, data collection and followup that goes into taking a med to market!

Sorry, you are finding it as hard as I am to get good support from others. Please don't judge everyone from your experiances in the past. There are a few supporters out there!

BTW ~ I have 2 children with issues - my 15 yr old dd (ADD, Epilepsy) and my baby who's nearly 3 (Epilepsy, Autism, SID and possible ADD/HD, LDs).

Love and light,

Lisa and kids

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