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My 9 year old has been on it for around 1 1/2 (gosh- I think its been that long- I know the doc said it had only been out a couple months, and some pharmacys may not have it yet). He has done extremely well on it- we noticed the change right away. Everyone noticed the change. His grades went up, his tantrums stopped (most of them anyways!). He did have to go back and have his dosage raised and remeron added for sleep- because he went through a growth spurt. And once again, his grades went back up. We ended up stopping the remeron, though, because it was making him very moody/angry/mean. Then we started a low dose of concerta (with the strattera), because he started having trouble staying focused in class again, and his old teacher had suggested trying it. I have noticed alot of depression with him, and after reading some of the posts about strattera, I was wondering if that had something to do with it- but I also know that mental illnesses run in our family- I've suffered from severe depression since I was a child. It's a miserable exsistance when its as bad as mine- and I pray that it IS the strattera, and not the kind I have-at least he would have a fighting chance to get over the low feelings then. As for the concerta, today was his first dose. He seems so happy/pleasant today! He just walked over a few minutes ago, and gave me a hug and kiss-and said "I love you mom". It feels so good to here him say that. It seems lately he's used the word hate WAY too much. I think this combination might be the boost he needed.... we'll see.

My 5 year old tried strattera too, but it didn't help him at all. I was hoping it would help- because I've always been VERY hesitant about the amphetamine path. But, I also knew his ADHD was alot different than my 9 year olds. My nine year old has problems with his attention, concentration, and inability to control urges (thats where the tantrums are). He is a little overactive, nothing real terrible though. My 5 year old- he's a different story all together.He has everything my 9 year old has-plus some! And he's more than a little hyper- We could fuel the whole world with that childs energy! He's the 7th wonder of the world to doctors, and everyone else who meets him. And I swear the child is going to be the next einstein-even bigger if he could get more control. Lately, he's been teaching himself about xrays, spines, and -god help me-reproduction. And I have no idea where he got the reproduction thing from, but I nearly passed out when he started talking about the seed meeting the egg. When I ask him where he learns certain things (If I know it isn't something we have taught, and it isn't something they would teach in kindergarden), he always replys: "oh, I just teach myself. I just know it, cause I taught myself."

Sorry, I tend to ramble!
myladyshyanne :bouncing:

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