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Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. I went back to see the new doctor and she did the exact same thing. I broke down in tears and asked her why I was being treated this way and she offered no explination. She was so cold. She said she would not prescribe Adderall. She even insinuated that I was selling the pills. Her bottom line was that because I am not working now (due to a back injury) and do not need to be treated for ADD. I can't imagine what my working has to do with this. But I camly (but in tears) left the clinic again. Twice I have been treated this way by two diffrent doctors. She told me that I had to go back to the other doctor (who was so mean to me) if I wanted to be seen at all. So also told me to stop taking all my pills until I saw the old doctor. I cant believe these people can be so cruel. It's what I get for going to the state MH clinic. They think they have a hold on me because I have no insurance. Even though I don't pay to go, Nobody deserves to have a doctor be so mean to them to break down in tears. I really feel discriminated against. Even with the fact that I have been at the same dose (40mg) for 7 months, never gone up a dose and I have never EVER called there to get an early refill on Any drug, so obliously I fail to see why they think I am 'abusing' the drug. So here I am left to withdraw from Adderall. I already went through it with three other pills. I cant believe they put me in this situation again. I feel totally brain dead, I cant think straight or even hardly feel like moving. my thoughts are racing and my body is just not feeling right. I had been crying on and off for a few days but I am over it now. I am not going back to that doctor. I will go back to the clinic this week to see my counselor and let him know what happened but that will be the last time. Last time I saw the counselor he said that if the doctor mistreated me again, he would get me papers to fill out to request to be seen at an off-site clinic, but i'm scared to do that now at this point it would just look like I am doctor-shopping.

I also overheard another patient aruging at the desk for his records (he also had a problem with the new doctor) and they told him that the Doctor put a note in the file that they were not to be released. They said we signed a paper saying that we had the right to access our own records, but not if the doctor won't allow it. Is this legal?!?! Can they do that??? I guess if I signed...but I do not remember signing it. I did sign a bunch of stuff before but they didnt really explain it to me.

If I had a dime I would be calling a lawyer.

Who can I write to and report this? Are doctors allowed to do this and treat people that way? The state?

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