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I am curious what the signs are. He has always had behavior and eating problems. I doesn't eat any meat, or any other food kids normally eat, he has not since he was a baby, he is almost 7. He is in 2nd grade. He is a perfectionist in that if things aren't exactly how he wants he throws a hysterical fit. But on the other hand he is a completel slob with everyrthing, he writes messy eats messy his room is a mess, etc. He gets mad at stuff so easily. He is not behind developmentally when it comes to academics. He is behind in maturity a lot. He has problems in school because he will not stay seated, he always messes with other kids when they are trying to do their work and disrupts the class. He again at school throws ridiculous temper tantrums throwing himself on the floor screaming. The kids in the class just always ask whatsthe matter with him. His teacher told me he will probably always be like this, screaming at the drop of a hat, getting upset bacsue he can't do this or that, even though everyone knows he can. I am just curious if maybe that could be his problem. I do not know what to do with him accept love him. He is very loving most of the time, but then other times he just says he wants to be left alone and of course gets violent when his little brother (3) will not leave him alone. Does this sound familiar at all???? I am just at the end and do not know what to do. I do not want him to have horrible memories of his growing up life because he is sooo unhappy alll the time. Can anyone help me/give me advise/ or insight?????

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