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I went to a local family practice doctor who does some work with ADD/ADHD, but mostly in children. He referred me to a local psychiatrist to receive a formal evaluation, but that guy doesn't fit into my health insurance plan. Does anyone know of any GOOD psychiatrists in Kentucky for this initial evaluation/diagnosis of adult ADD? If I'm going to invest a little bit of money and invest the time to go through a diagnosis process, I want it to be with someone who has experience with adult ADD. I'd like to drive into the Louisville area, as I figure a city of that size probably has some experienced people. So, if you know of any good doctors in the Louisville area, please let me know. :)

I've been reading a multitude of web sites and taking those online quizzes/inventories for ADD, and I've had these "Ah-ha--that's my brain!" moments as I've read through the info. What I've always chalked up as personality flaws and just the wiring of a weird, creative brain (and what my wife has pegged as irresponsibility) now makes a bit more sense in light of ADD. I never had any behavior problems at school as a kid and I don't think people really talked about ADD/ADHD then anyway. For various reasons, I want a professional diagnosis.

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