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Hi there'

A few things to consider and perhaps try.*

Add is very hereditary.

According to Dr. Pat Quinn ("National Association for Add and Gender Disorders" in Wash. DC.) when symptoms of Add and depression appear together you treat the add first unless the symptoms of depression are major. The reason for this being that one of the symptoms of Add is moodswings and the ongoing stuggle to function inspite of attentional disorders is depressing in and of itself. Often treating the add causes the anxiety an depression to subside. If not it is addressed at a later time once you "see what your working with" so to speak.

You may get alot of relief from reading or LISTENING to some good books such as "Driven to Distraction" by Ned Hollowell or "So you mean I'm not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?" by Kate Kelly & Peggy Ramundo. You can go to the reading for the blind national library to get almost any book in audio formt if reading isn't your stong suit.

Medications for dieting are usually stimulant based, explaning why your symptoms got better. Also a great way to get a good doctor on the road to the right diagnosis. You may be able to get help from you family doctor instesd of waiting for the ins. to cover mental health. What's the most imp. is that he/she is open minded to Add and willing to listen to you and try medications. There really is no magic. Once they determine a few things, mainly that your not bi-polar, they will try you on one of two types of med. and see how it works and go from there. Most Adders respond to one or the other as they are very different. Ritlin (methylphenedate) tends to increse dopamine production whereas dexedrine and adderall tend to increase noradrenalin or norepinephrine (same thing). Some of us need one, some the other, some both. And Sratterra effects the reuptake of noradrenalin as most anti-depressants, the SSRI's, block the reuptake of serotonin. (also has not been proven to be safer than stimulant medication for long term use, only marketed as such. Statistically stimulants are safer than aspirin for long term use)
I am not a doctor nor am I qualified to give advise in this area, but I do have quite alot of experience with it. Reading alot and learning about YOUR Add, teamed with a good open minded doctor can take you far. There are alot of doctors with a great knowledge of add and alot who really need it. My experience has been that the most important person to be educated in the room will be you, otherwise you can't get a feel for if your doctor knows anything about adult add or not. If you do not feel warmly recieved regarding the subject or get asked alot of questions that put you on the defensive find another doctor. When I went to my Psyciatrist in the beggining I knew I was add and had been diagnosed by a psycologist.I even knew which med I thought I should try first. He didn't believe in adult add and for six months he tried to diagnose and treat me for Bi-polar disorder. I stood my ground and he finally gave me adderrall. Now two years later he believes in adult add and tells me thank you and that I am very knowledgable. Go fiqure. He was the only doc on my bad insurance so I had to work with what I had, thank god I had done MY homework.

All my best to you,

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