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Thank you for your post index. I've been crying for two days now. Wondering if I'm doing the right thing and then crying because I didn't do this sooner. I haven't looked at your posts here, but I think I saw that your son is taking Adderall? Any tips on what to watch for? I know I'll be watching for any tics. He had them in the past (when he was 6) when he was taking Ritalin and then Dexedrine. He would roll up the bottom of his shirt and sometimes had a throat tic. I'll be talking to the doctor about that too. I am leaning towards Adderall although I'm not sure what the doctor will suggest. The other possibilities are Strattera and Concerta.
thanks for your support keke. I have an hour before the appointment with the doctor and my son. Feeling a bit anxious but confident in my decision. I would like to use either Adderall or Concerta. I'm hearing that Adderall can cause tics whereas Concerta will not. Maybe this time around he won't develop any tics. One day at a time...

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