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I'm going to follow this thread...

I'm 30 and just recently diagnosed as ADD and have since learned SO much about ADD/ADHD so far. I wish I could have been identified at a younger age. (College could have been at least 35% cheaper and quicker... :jester: )

Anyway, I'm trying to figure out ways to successfully structure my home and work life with more discipline/routine. I have two boys--neither identified as ADHD, though one demonstrates some mild symptoms. My wife is a highly structured person (so you can imagine how fun it is being married to me), and she is very successful at keeping a chart on our fridge for the boys. It has daily things like "Brushed My Teeth, Washed My Face, Ate a Vegetable, Made My Bed, etc." Before leaving for school in the morning, they check over each of their charts and put a sticker on the box for each task. They are 5 and 7, so it turns into a game with them almost. If they go two weeks with acceptable charts, then they get a reward like a trip to the bowling alley or a movie or something.

Rather than having to ask your child seven different questions while getting ready (or even going about the day) you can simply ask "What's your chart look like?" and then he/she can monitor himself/herself as far as the specifics of what's supposed to be done. Has anyone tried something like this with their ADHD child? I'm thinking of having my wife make a chart for me... ;)

Right now, you may be motivated to get them more responsible and disciplined to ease the mental load on yourself, but it is important--if not vital--that they get steered this way for future success. Moms, from my experience in life, are much more understanding and tolerant than are teachers, bosses, and wives. ADHD folks seem to have school struggles, show a trend for switching jobs on a higher than average rate, and are more likely to experience divorce than the general population. Whatever you can do for your kids now to help them with routine and discipline/organization might avoid a lot of frustration and pain later in life...

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