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Thanks so much for both your responses - I see that I'm not alone.

We've tried a few different routines for him and they never "clicked' in the sense that they never became second nature to him -perhaps I need to havea better reward system? I guess what I need to figure out is - is he not getting anything accomplished because he is actually distracted when he is supposed to be doing something or is the just working slowly and not clear on what he is supposed to be doing? Perhaps that needs to be the first step. Frankly I think it's a distraction and forgetting what he is supposed to be doing issue primarily and anything school-wise that requires writing can sometimes take him a while. At school he is doing well - he gets all A,s and usually a B in lang arts - I think it's because of the type of structure he has at school that he does better there - good grief, do I have to set up our home life like school?! Because he does well at school I've been reluctant to change his meds hoping that we can work out these home problems with routines and perhaps a different type of discipline system.

When he was first diagnosed at age 7 we tried him on Concerta, Ritalin LA, Adderall and regular Ritalin. He was fine for the first 6 months or so then he started to have strong tics and OCD behavior. I think he's a bit prone to tics even without meds - I've noticed that he goes through phases of throat clearing but docs don't think it's bad enough to warrant any type of additional diagnosis - actually the ADHD doc says that mild tics often go hand-in-hand with the disorder. Anyhow these meds greatly increased the tics to the point where he looked like there was something wrong with him. Once we switched to Strattera he went back to his usual self in terms of tics (once in a while a short period of mild things like throat clearning, but we are probably the only ones that notice).

My son is also obsessed with TV and as soon as I turn my back he turns it on and then everything he needs to do is a lost cause. Even with fairly tough punishment he is drawn to that darned TV. We are thinking of disconnecting the cable during he week and only allowing it on weekends.

Sorry I'm writing a book!

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