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ADD folks can go to college and do well in a career. I think a key is understanding the condition and shaping life around its specific needs. Get educated. Go buy a couple of books. Talk to the doctor. Talk to other parents here.

There is no one ADHD type, so it makes it hard to put a person in a class or category. Definite common traits/symptoms among ADD people, but no universal checklist that one mark includes or excludes someone.

It is good that you are addressing the possibility of ADD for your child right now. If diagnosed, by law, schools have to accomodate to specific needs of your child, though I don't always agree with how that is carried out. I have a brother who is full blown dyslexic. He was identified in the 3rd grade, and this was several years ago when most people hadn't heard of dyslexia. I remember watching him as a teen sit at his desk and get red faced or sometimes even cry as he did homework sometimes. However, he went through tutoring at a young age and my parents got educated about his needs. My brother was a very hard worker--very determined--very disciplined, and he graduated third in his class, was very successful in college, and now has a good hospital job.

I think his discipline and structure was the worst predecessor for an ADD child to follow behind..hehee. Anyway, I'm 30 and just recently diagnosed as ADD. I never had the discipline/behavior problems in school, so no one ever thought anything about ADD and no one knew much about it then anyway. I did well in grade school. I did okay in high school. I always had good written language skills, so I was successful at BS-ing my way through tests in a lot of classes. Still, I got the constant "you could do so much better, you're smarter than your report card, if you just cared more about your grades, etc." talks. Anyway, I went to college. Of course it took me six years to finally get my undergraduate degree and that was with summer classes. If your son wants to, he can. May not be easy, but with an understanding of how he ticks from this age and parents who understand, he has a leg up.

As far as standardized tests--I always did well on those. My biggest struggle w/ those, however, was to not doodle cartoons on the bubble sheet. Thank goodness they gave us scrap paper...
actually being able to sit there is an incinuation of not having ADD. When i was diagnosed when i was a child, mum told me the story heh, anywho she was talking about how i had had the doctor fooled, because i just sat there the whole time patiently. Most people tend to thing that ADD cant sit stil and thats not entirely the case. maybe your son is more like me and finds things like tests interesting. i never had a problem with tests. of course i had the problem with studying, whenever id study for a test my mind would go blank during the test. learned to cope by not studying and learning as much as possible when i could, so far it works, not on any meds just coping ATM, but i still maintain a 3.0 GPA.

I personally never had a problem sitting still for a long time, but then again because im not moving dont mean my mind isnt racing, when im sitting still there are so many thoughts rushing through my head its easy to get lost.

Just my 2 cents. thank you for listening to my speil

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