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Hi. I am new to this board too. I was recently diagnosed with adult ADD. Apparently I've had ADD all my life. I too did well on standardized tests. Anyway, I am now a college student and have been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA. It certainly is possible for your son to attend college and to be very successful in whatever he chooses to do. It does take some extra effort-(and a very detailed daily planner!), but there is no reason why he should let ADD prevent him from continuing his education. He sounds like a caring, interested student. Best of luck to you both.
College definitely!!! There is an awesome book available with colleges that provide ADD support to students.....The Peterson Guide to Colleges with
Learning Disability Support or something like that.....lists all schools that offer
support to ADD/LD students.....we have a 17 yo daughter diagnosed with ADD
last year.....she is planning to attend a local community college next year and we are looking forward to sending her off to a 4 year school to complete
her degree after that....she is very bright and has had a less than supportive
time in HS but all indications are that college is much more ADD friendly..... :

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