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draber, did the college know you were taking adderall xr?

My son has had all the correct evaluations done since he was 6. We tried meds for a short time at that age and decided to try behavior modification. We were able to get away with that up to now. He always had good grades until the 6th and 7th grade. His at school behavior is more of being the class clown but he will straigthen up when told to. He is doing well now but this is only his second week and we are not at full dosage yet. We will be next week when it will be 20mg of regular Adderall taken at 7am. I have been trying to understand how long it is lasting. I've seen that even though the dosage increases it doesn't last longer - it's just that it's stronger for the same amount of time. I've been seeing 6 hours in my research. Initially we were supposed to use time-release Concerta but my son absolutely could not swallow it. We tried for a week - practicing with at first the pill but stopped because I didn't want him to keep ruining them and throwing the rest away (after the initial dose surrounding the capsule dissolved in his mouth). We practiced with mini m&ms and tic tacs. Even when the tic tacs were at their smallest he couldn't do it! Boy was he frustrated with himself. So needless to say after a few phone calls to the doctor I picked up the adderall script. I did not talk with the doctor at length but I am very familiar with it and I also realize that the effectiveness varies among everyone.

Thanks for your support.

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