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Wow, you are taking the same drugs I am - Celexa (the first version of lexapro) and Strattera. Being a women of child bearing age too, I feel like I can relate! I'd talk to the doctor about the strattera, becausewho knows if the Strattera can be taken while preggers and even if it could be I'd probally try to reduce the dosage and try to lower and lower until off of it. It's so new, who knows what it does to an unborn baby?
And it seems like the ADD would be easier to deal with while preg than the depression. If it were me I think I could deal with the ADD symptoms more than the Depression

I think you can take celexa while pregnant.Seems like if Prozac's okay, the Celexa would be too, find out from the doc.

Since there are months of withdrawal symptoms where you feel like poo (believe me Iv'e done it) seems like stoppig an SSRI would make things worse!

As long as it's considered safe and won't hurt the unborn child. If it isn't safe than could you switch to a okay SSRI ? I Don't know if there are side affects associated from switching. I lowered my Strattera before and I just felt really low energy but at least not depressed and moody. That's worse. Least from my perspective. And since you already may be pregnant seems like a sudden change in your brain chemistry would be worse for the fetus not better. That's my opinion. Don't go off of the AD cold turkey.

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