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Hi there. I've been searching for help for my 9 year old daughter's behavior for years now. I've tried natural methods like the Feingold diet and supplements like fish oil, high b's, etc. We dabbled in meds - ritalin and concerta made her heart race and two years ago we tried strattera but it made her stomach hurt and she felt groggy so we quit. In the mean time we tried some stuff called Attend that we got online but when she started having visual migraines we quit that first and they went away. Talk about scary. It was then that I realized that despite my resistance to modern meds, they were probably better tested and thus safer than some of the things we were doing. We are now seeing a psychiatric nurse who can prescribe and we find her much more helpful than our family doctor (a GP) who doesn't specialize in children and their behavior. Having a therapist who can prescribe is so much nicer than before when we had a counselor diagnosing and a doctor prescribing. She started her on Strattera again over a month ago. After telling her our history with it, she suggested starting out at 10 mg. increments and taking it at dinner time. 2 years ago we were giving 40mg first thing in the morning and she suffered the stomach problems all day. We switched to bedtime dosing after she started feeling stomach problems after dinner. She doesn't seem to have any stomach issues if she takes it right before sleeping and doesn't feel anything negative the next day. After a month and an increase to 20 mg, our daughter is showing some slight improvement. We moved to 30 mg this weekend and we'll stay on that for another month. If we don't see alot of improvement our specialist said we'll talk then about other options. The symptoms we are dealing with are inattentiveness, defiance, hyperactivity, anger, impulsiveness, vandalism to name most. I wish you the best of luck - it's so hard to try medications, yet it's so hard not to, also. It's definitely an ongoing journey. Hang in there!

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