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While your son is too young for this to be an issue, a lot of adult men have complained of sexual side effects when taking strattera. I got my first prescription for ADD meds a couple months ago and my doc gave me strattera. Before going to the pharmacy, I investigated and decided I'd rather not try this drug due to the wide complaint of these adverse sexual side effects.

Now, those should not be of concern to a 2nd grader, but since the drug company hasn't really investigated these claims yet, as a parent (and I too have a second grader) I would worry about a possible ill effect on sexual development at the onset and during puberty. The drug probably doesn't pose a problem there, but I wouldn't want to take that chance.

I can understand your concern about your son saying no one wants to play with him. As a parent, we hurt more from our kids' social problems than academic any day. As far as school, if his grades/academic development is going well, I'd think again about medicating...unless the problems seem severe. Our educational system is NOT designed for males (and I'm a teacher), so it is common for boys in the lower grades--ADHD and not--to get in trouble for not sitting still. God did not make little boys to sit still. Granted, ADHD can cause some serious academic and social problems. Medication works wonders for some families, and for some it doesn't seem to help as much.

Before putting my child on a medice--one that will be a long term daily routine--I would get that diagnosis from a specialist and not rely on my family practice doc.

Is he finishing his school work? My son was having a lot of behavior problems at school, but it was largely due to the fact that the kid has no control of himself when his mind is left to wander. He started a new school this year--second grade. By the second week his desk was already scooted beside the teacher's. His problem is that he has to keep his mind engaged. At his previous school he had extra work to do or he was allowed to get away from his table and go the "centers". (He almost always got in trouble after finishing an assignment/activity.) Now he has been moved to a third grade classroom and is doing much better behavior wise. The work is harder for him, but it keeps him under control. If he keeps busy and is challenged, he keeps focused on work and leaves people and things alone. Well, for the most part he does...Might it be a challenge/boredom issue with your son?

I'm not saying don't medicate him. If you haven't looked into presenting him with a different academic approach or haven't had that official evaluation by someone who specializes in ADD/ADHD children, then do so before starting him. Medicine can be a blessing for many, but I have also seen family doctors rush to put school kids on a medicine for ADHD rather quickly.

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