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Another Med!!!!!
Dec 3, 2004
My son is now 8 and in grade 3 he was diagnosed in grade one with adhd and started meds in may of that year on rittalin. Grade 2 he was switched to concerta he did not gain much weight over those years he still is only in size 6 and they have to be tight on the waist. In August of this year he started having nightmares and sleepwalking once almost got out the door... (he also was told he needed glasses for reading when school started so we went out and bouth spiderman $$$$glasses thinking he would wear them well no way was he going to wear them and the nightmares got worse and we tought that that was the cause so we stopped talking about the glasses and he still continued to have the nightmares... our ped. moved away and he sayed (my son) that he did not needa doctor any more and did not want to go meet the new one. We did and she put us down from 36 mg - 18 mg of concerta. I must say that this summer and first start of school has been going much bettter and he is getting along great with hockey and sports so I did not want to mess with the drugs. WE tried the 18 mg and he has been in the office 3 times this week and not able to sit and focuse. The nightmares slowed down he only had 1 since last week.
I feel so bad putting him on a new one again...I have the should I be medicating or try something herbal..oh yeah on top of everything the new ped thinks my son has asthma!!!!!!
What should I do? Does anyone have any good news abuot the adderall? or strattera(?) I have not picked up the perscriptions yet so It is one of those two she mentioned!!!!

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