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my whole life i've found it extreemly difficult to concentrate and stay focused on one thing. because of this, i've never once finished a book (i just can't get through it.. which is bad for college...). i'm beginning to think i have add. i definately have an attention problem. i can sit in class while the teacher's talking, look out of the window, see some snow or a bird.. and totally zone out and forget i'm even in a class room.. then i start thinking about things and finally come back to the teacher talking totally confused because i zoned out the whole time. one thing though, i don't get hyper often.. although when i do, i just don't shut up and i sometimes get so excited my whole body shakes from too much energy. i've read up a bit on this and kind of think i do have add. also, any suggestions on how i can focus and work on keeping my attention on what i need to be doing? i can't keep up with conversations because something else just tends to steal my attention. i have thoughts that go through my head a mile a minute and it gets pretty confusing. i've made an appointment with my doctor.. but that's not for another little while.. any advice/help would be appreciated. thanks!
Yes, definitely, it's possible to have ADD without hyperactivity. That's the difference in ADD vs ADHD.

Here's a couple of other thoughts for you to consider in addition to ADD. Is it possible that you have a disability in reading that makes reading so hard for you? It might be worth being tested for.

Also, I wonder about your hyperactivity that comes and goes. That's not a classic description for the hyperactivity associated with ADD. I can't help but wonder about your moods - do they fluctuate up and down along with the hyperactivity? If so, I'd have to wonder about bipolar disorder.

To complicate matters even further, even if you have a learning disorder in reading and even if you do have bipolar tendencies, it's possible to have ADD on top of everything!

I'd say you're on the right track having yourself evaluated; I just wouldn't limit the evaluation to ADD!
ive often thought i might havea reading disability, although i can read fine. i just tend to forget i read one line already and read it 5 times til i realize ive been here before. i sometimes get a sort of effect where the lines seem to look a bit strange but i think that's just my eyes.
my mood's are fairly good. i have very high up's.. and i have suffered depression before but i have been treated for it and am doing very well. i don't stress over the little stuff and don't let all too much get to me. i highly doubt i'm bi polar.
i didn't think my hyperactivity was very relevent to the problem at hand. it seems too random and spurratic and can be controled fairly easily if i realize what i'm doing.
thanks for the help.
You're welcome.

When is your doctor appointment? Let us know what you-guys decide, okay?
in about 2-3 weeks when i go back home.
In the meantime, you can always break assignments down into manageable portions. Instead of focusing on reading the whole book, assign yourself x number of pages and keep a timer going so you have an idea of how long it's really taking you. Another trick is to highlight as you go (which keeps you forward focused) or to try to put on "white noise" to help reduce distractions. The environment in which you study plays a big role is how distracted you may become.

Get up between pages and stretch, do yoga, practice balancing moves. The more physically centered you are, the less distracted you are likely to get.

You may very well have ADD - inattentive type or a combination of ADHD/ADD types. Good luck at the Dr's!
yep! and i am one of those...actually i have add and suffer from extreme fatigue. i don't have the classic symptoms such as hyperacativity, can't sit still or fidget, excessive talking, etc..

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