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I guess I'm glad I missed this since it sounds like it was really one sided. I've suffered all my life with ADD symptoms and never understood why I seemed to struggle so much with things that other people of my age and intelligence level seemed to find easy. I was often treated as if I was dumb even though my IQ scores suggest otherwise. People who did realize I was intelligent often thought I was just lazy or not trying hard enough. Now I'm in my thirties and was diagnosed with ADD (the kind with out hyperactivity) about 6 months ago. I haven't told many people (outside of my doctors) about the diagnosis. Most of the people I have told have been supportive although there are a few who inspite of being polite obviously think it's just an excuse. In addition to that there are some people like my mother for instance who are extremely nervous about me taking any kind of medication. It makes me angry that a show like 60 Minutes would air something that might perpetuate the misinformation. Besides people think nothing of taking medications for high blood pressure, colds, flus, allergies, strep throat, arthritis, etc. Many of the medicines prescribed for these illnesses can be dangerous and/or addictive. How is ADD different? Straterra isn't even a stimulant medicine like Ritalin and the others it's an anti-depressant. And while it's possible to get addicted to anything (even plain 'ol asprin) Strattera is supposed to be non-habit forming. :o

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