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[b]Concerta, Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Metadate, and methylphenidate[/b] are all the exact same medication (methylphenidate). The only difference is how long they last. The longer-acting formulations tend to cause less "rebound" and, as a general rule, have a smoother ride down. They are all stimulants.

[b]Adderall[/b] and [b]Dexedrine[/b] are also stimulant medications. Adderall contains "mixed salts" of amphetamines; Dexedrine is pure dextro-amphetamine.

[b]Strattera[/b] is an entirely different drug. Although it can be stimulating, is is not technically a "stimulant".

Strattera takes time to achieve a constant blood level and, therefore takes a few weeks to become maximally effective. The others are all effective immediately and leave the system completely at the end of the day.

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