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[QUOTE=jovialy]I am presently taking Adderall XR at 90 MG per day. It seems high but it does work quite well. I have sever bipolar depression and AD&D also. I would be interested in anyone else with this problem.


i am surprised that the doctor prescribed a stimulant since you have bipolar doesn't cause your mania to be worse?
i take 50mg dexedrine and seems to work ok but need to up the dose again...always wanted to try adderall but heard that dexedrine is more pure form of does that adderall make you feel?
WHOA!!! 90 mg a day is WAY higher than the recommended dose deemed safe by the FDA. I can't believe your doctor actually prescribed a dose that high. I know that narcolepsy patients receive doses in that range, but for ADD?! That's a heart attack waiting to happen!

You said you "feel great" at 90 mg... well yeah, probably because you're high. That is not the point of taking stimulant medication. You should feel *normal* if your dose is correct. I would be concerned if I were you, you're putting some serious strain on your heart & circulatory system. Find out why your doctor put you on this high of a dose. It seems incredibly odd that they would give someone w/ bipolar a dose that high. It seems that it would aggravate things even worse. Also, Adderall is almost never used as an antidepressant.

I take Adderall XR 20mg twice/day for severe ADHD and that is PLENTY. My doctor was even skeptical about having me take that dosage (which comes out to 40mg/daily). You are taking more than DOUBLE my daily dose!!! I've never heard of anyone being on such a massive dose. If you truly need that much medication to feel right, you should be taking Strattera (a non-stimulant ADD med) so at least you won't be straining your heart. A few years at 90mgs/day and your heart will have beat about as many times as someone 10 yrs older than you. Please, talk w/ your doctor. Treating your ADD right now is NOT worth cardiovascular complications down the road, is it? You really need to think about this. Good luck!

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