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First of all, I'd like to apologize since I know this will be long. I just really need to express my self realization and get advice. Well...I am 35 going on 36 in a couple of months and just finally realized the reason for all of my lifelong struggles...ADHD! Now I am working up the courage to go to the Dr. to get this all "diagnosed"! I won't bore you all with all the past history of how I've come to this realization but I will say that I've been through more jobs than I could even count. Now I also have diabetes which was first thought to be depression/anxiety. In fact during that time I was seeing a therapist who mentioned that he felt I may actually be ADD but never followed up on it!

What has caused me to realize that something else was going on with me is the how it is affecting my life currently...especially since it has been affecting my marriage and the upkeeping of my household. My DH has given up on me working and so I have been a housewife fulltime for at least 8 months or so and I still can't even get that right! I've always had a hard time with falling asleep but lately it's gotten worse, if I do fall asleep it's very easy for me to just snap awake. I feel that I can't get my brain to slow down!

Now here's my main problem...I am also trying to get pregnant and both my gynecologist and family doctor told me that it does sound like I am ADD but need to see a Psychiatrist to give the final diagnosis...but both of them advised me not to take any medication for this condition. So what are some alternatives for this...and I was informed it may even get worse during my pregnancy!

In addition to this, I just published my first children's story and because of my past failures due to my ADD symptoms, I'm beginning to feel that this whole venture may not be as successful as it possibly could be!

At this time in my life I feel both relieved yet afraid. I feel relieved for finally having an idea of what has been my "problem" but afraid of how I will or if I ever will be able to overcome this! I am totally overwhelmed with all of the information and don't even know where to start!! Can someone offer me some much needed advice on what I need to do here!
cre8v1, Gosh, you sound a lot like me. Of course, maybe a lot of us women with ADD are basically alike with a lot of the same symptoms. I bet you have trouble keeping an orderly house, don't you? It's so hard for me to keep things in order and I have a tendency to accumulate piles of things and am constantly looking for something and losing things. It drives me and my husband both nuts. I have trouble dealing with a lot of things, holding down a job being one of them. Oh, and I always have about ten projects going at a time here at the house and it takes me forever to finish one. I don't know if you ever read the comic strip Family Circus where the one kid is so active and goes all over the place and there are dotted lines drawn as a trail of all the places that he's been during the day and things that he's done, but that would be me. It's not that I'm hyperactive, but I just have a lot of different things going on that I'm working on and never seem to get finished until days or months after I start them. Don't feel bad about just now coming up with a diagnosis of ADD at your age. I was diagnosed when I was 45, and I'm still trying to figure out how to cope with things and straighten out my life. Most people are helped by ADD medication, but I think I'm one of the 20% who aren't, as I've tried Adderall, Ritalin, and Dexadrine, all to no avail. That doesn't mean something won't work for you though, but I wouldn't take any while being pregnant if I were you. I think there are getting to be more and more good books out there on Adult ADD. Right now I'm about halfway through one called Women with Attention Deficit sounds so much like me it's scary! I think most of my life I have always felt different and finally I have a label for it. My husband told me that he always thought that there was something about me too but didn't know what. I must say that ever since I was diagnosed, he's been much more tolerant towards me. He used to really get upset and I'd be so hurt by the things that he would say.
My advice would be to definitely go and get a diagnosis, read all you can about ADD, and try to get others to understand what you face in your daily life. I don't think people have any idea what we go through and how much anguish we feel. I don't know about you, but I've felt like a failure most of my life. I really hope we can both get on the right track!

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