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:confused: I have been diagnosed with ADD since I was a kid, however my parents never let me recieve treatment via medication. I have had to cope with it as best as I could growing up. I am now 32 and want to get treatment with medications. I was in the military for 8 years and did not disclose having ADD but also did not take any meds for it so there was no problem there. However, now I am a Federal Civil Service Employee that works in support of the ARMY. I live overseas and the only hospital I have available is a US Army hospital that provides Health care services to the military as well as the civillians who support the military. Im afraid to go to the Dr. and get treatment because my job requires me to keep a security clearance. Will a diagnosis of ADD and taking stimulant medications get me fired from my job as a department of the army civillian? I know this is a odd situation but really need some understanding of this situation so I can get treatment.

I wish I had a complete answer for you. All I think I know is the ADA doesn't cover federal employees, which means you would not have a body of legislation to back you up if you ran into trouble. The security clearance would probably be the greatest concern, as they (gov't) could take the stimulant access to the extreme. Meaning, if you have access to stimulants, you could be compromised in some way. I had a friend whose security clearance could be questioned for minor things (in the real world) like debt/income ratio being too high. The mistaken assumption that he would sell secrets for money to pay down his debts. Wow! What a stretch of the imagination -to me!

Have you googled about this issue?
You certainly can't be the only person who needs the medication. Wish I had more info, am hoping you find some answers that are concrete.
I always find calling and asking questions to be the best way to find out this type of information. When i do this, I just call innocently without mentioning my name. It is amazing how much info you can get by just asking. You might ask one of your stateside friends or relatives to call locally and inquire as if they were thinking of applying for the type of job you have.That way it could not be traced to you if for some reason the answer was not a good one.
The other recomendation would be to look at the government website for your branch of service. With all the freedom of information we have legislated many of the rules and regulations which were once hidden are accessible to all on the work website. Sometimes the whole manual is there.
I don't know whether having a diagnosis of ADD in itself would threaten your security clearance or not. You might try talking to an attorney who specializes in disability or EEOC law. You might also want to ask the military doctor whether the info you disclose to him/her will be kept confidential or not. I understand that under the HIPPA Act doctors and pharmacies are not allowed to disclose any info w/o the patient's prior permission (except in extreme cases involving injury to a child or something like that). However, I'm not sure how the HIPPA Act relates to military doctors and or federal employees. I have a state gov job with a low level security clearance and no one has ever asked if I have ADD and I've never told them that I do. If the issue of being on stimulant medication would threaten your security clearance, you might ask your doctor about non-stimulant treatments for ADD. I currently take Strattera which is actually an antidepressant (which is different from stimulants like Ritalin and Adderal). I'm not sure how effective it's been for me but I understand that some people with ADD have found it beneficial. It does take longer to "kick in" than the stimulant medications and it can have some side effects, but if you see a dr about the ADD you might ask him/her about non-stimulant medication. I think I've heard that they also sometimes use Welbutrin (which I think is also an antidepressant?) but I have not tried it. If you try any medication, be sure to tell your dr about any other meds you are taking and ask about interactions since antidepressants often don't "play well" with other medications.

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