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[QUOTE]I have worked with children who are ADHD and know somewhat how that works. But Can you tell me what as an individual do you experience as having ADD? [/QUOTE]

30 yr old male here. Just recently diagnosed as ADD inattentive type. I, too, have worked with ADHD kids and never considered myself to remotely have ADD because I always attached this image of a hyperactive kid bouncing off the walls, unable to sit still and look in the same direction for more than 30 seconds. (That's an exaggeration, I know...) As I looked more into ADD I saw that all these "signs" pointed to me, and I learned that the hyperactivity does not have to be part of each person's equation. Here is what I have dealt with as "symptoms":

* Problem getting to tasks--if I spent three hours on a project the first hour was spent just trying to get started.
* I can rarely get past the halfway point of any book I try to read.
* I procrastinate.
* I forget appointments, engagements, etc.
* Poor concept of passing time. I'll say I'm going to be home at 6:00 and it'll be 6:45 and I haven't even left for home yet and think "When the heck did it get this late."
* BIG problem with starting projects and then not finishing them.
* In school I was neverhyper nor a discipline problem, but I was a doodler--my notebooks are filled with sketches and cartoons I would draw during lecture times.
* I am fidigety as far as tapping fingers or constantly tapping rhythms with my teeth.
* And, OMG, organization is a tremendous challenge for me. I'll clear off my desk and within a day it is piled with a war zone of papers, etc. that have no order whatsoever. I wate so much time at work LOOKING for what I need that could be spent more productively actually accomplishing something.

This is most of what I have dealt with. Hope it helps you identify your own situation.

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