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Hopeless(hopeful)gurl and lateeth: from what I have found out ADD and ADHD can be hereditary. Often times when a child is diagnosed one or both parents realize that they too have symptoms and sometimes they are diagnosed as well. I do not have children myself but I can say that both my father and mother exhibit symptoms of ADD as well though neither one has ever been diagnosed. I'm in my thirties and was diagnosed 6 months ago. I was trying to get into graduate school and had difficulty with the GRE. I've always known I had some kind of math problem and I've always been a slow reader (although I love reading and have a high comprehension rate). I never thought it was anything treatable though. I thought that maybe I was just "slow" or dumb or not trying hard enough. Plus I didn't think there was a such thing as a math learning disability. But a friend of mine who saw me struggling at work to calculate payrolls mentioned that he had something called "dyscalculia". I've since learned that this term is obsolete and no longer in use. My recent struggles with the GRE prompted me to get tested and as suspected the tests revealed that I had a both a math and reading learning disability. However I was shocked to learn that I also have ADD (or ADHD with out hyperactivity). Initially when the neuro-psychologist told me it didn't sink in because he kept using the words attention/concentration. He seemed to think that this was one of the causes of my slow reading. When I finally asked him what it meant he told me that I have what the medical community is now calling ADHD with out hyperactivity. He recommended several books, additional counciling, and medication. He also suggested that I try Statterra first.

I recommend that you read a book called [B]Women with Attention Deficit Disorder[/B] by Sari Solden. Most books on ADHD still focus on the hyperactive type. This book, however focuses primarily on ADD (or ADHD with out hyperactivity). It also discusses many of the specific problems that women with ADD face such as cultural pressures etc. It also offers sollutions and suggestions for dealing with ADD. For a non-fiction book it is fairly easy to read and also includes visual aids. I strongly recommend it for anyone who has been diagnosed with the non-hyper type of ADD or has a family member diagnosed with it.

As for my symptoms, they include the following:
*Difficulty concentrating
*"Drifting" "zoning out" or daydreaming while reading although my eyes still move down the page. This causes me to have to back track and reread sections
*Poor sense of direction and easily confused especially at night or when conditions are not optimal for driving. Although I seem to read maps really well, I have to constantly check and recheck them and there is also always the posibility of me "zoning out" and missing a turn or an exit.
*Extremely poor memory for appointments. Although writing them down helps I will still forget them if they are in a date book or a planner. However I've recently learned that using Post It Notes on my front door helps me to keep track of them.
*Unless things are visible (as in left out where I can see them) I have trouble finding them.
*Extremely poor organizational and house keeping skills. I constantly loose things like my keys for instance. I now use large brightly colored key chains to help with this.
*I have trouble starting projects and trouble finishing them once they are started.
*While doing research on a topic I'm easily side tracked and often end up pursuing something that has no relationship to the original topic.
*I often feel "bombarded" with ideas or thoughts for a project.
*I jump from topic to topic in conversations and I am easily distracted by other things while talking. I have also made people angry by walking off before they were finished talking to me (although I didn't realize they still wanted to talk to me). :)
I could go on but I think you probably get the idea.

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