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Hello, ...sorry this could be long... :rolleyes:

I am a newbie and hoping someone could offer me some advice (anything!).... :)

Recently, I got diagnosed with ADHD in the inattentive category, I've suspected it for a few years but thought: 'well I'm 22, I've got this far...will a diagnosis make any difference'? The thing that prompted me to finally seek some help was the pressure of work required by the final year of my degree. Having so many different types of work expected all at once (some creative and practical, others literary-based) and the sheer volume of it is extremely daunting to someone who lacks an ability to 'get stuck in' even when it REALLY counts.

I was first prescribed Strattera but after 2 weeks of yucky side effects I have been switched to Concerta which I have been taking for a few weeks. I was started on 18mg then 36mg and now I'm up to 54mg. I'm not really aware of any dramatic benefits yet. :confused: From reading about other people's experiences of Ritalin and Concerta I was expecting more of a 'buzz' and an improved ability to focus and produce good work.

I have to say, I feel more 'zoned-out' and less likely to launch myself into any of my impending tasks and I also feel a lot more emotional, crying a lot etc. My vision seems to be affected as well, - a bit shaky and difficult to focus as well as normal, especially when reading. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal or should I give it more time?

I am very concerned as this is my penultimate year and it is very important to me to do well. I'm in a catch 22, will my ADD get better on medication or shall I stop and risk it getting worse?!

Thank you :)

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