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Well I'm glad you at least got diagnosed, I believe it a huge chunk of the battle because finally you start to realise you're just not a loser, or unorganised or lazy as I was constantly called in my school reports. Draw strength from the diagnosis, take strength that you've gotten as far as Uni (and as far into uni) with what is such a big roadblock and try and stay positive and patient, maybe it would take a higher dosage or a different drug but the important thing is it is known you can now make accomadations for it and the right drug can be found (hopefully sooner rather than later) because the right Medication can and does work for the majority of people.

As for no one knowing anythin about the condition, it doesn't suprise me. It might be something to do with the NHS and lack of private spending I suppose but I don't think mental disorders that aren't potentially dangerous to society at large will ever be taken seriously by doctors in England. I grew up in England too (I live in America now) but despite what I have now educated myself to know as real clear cut signs of attention deficit, the thought of a mental disorder never crossed anyone's minds, not least the doctors.

I suppose it will take a long time for the condition to become realised in England. We are nation that grew strength from its history especially World War II, but we are also a nation obssesed with failure and thrive on it from our sports teams to our favourite comedians and comedy shows (Men behaving badly, Mr Bean, The office) which is fine by me cause it also makes us a humble nation one without as much arrogance as people would assume, however it means when we see avoidable failure through real afflictions like alcoholism (another disorder I don't think is taken seriously enough) we become desensitised and don't take it seriously.

Perhaps its up to people like us who have grown up with it (certainly not the first and certainly won't be the last) to make the nation more aware of it and take it more seriously, cause it real and needs to be respected.

Good luck with your studies and remember to stay positive.

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