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I agree with Index, get an evaluation. My son (now 13) has been involved in testing since he was about 4 years old. Was on meds (ritalin and then dexedrine) for his time in kindergarten. We then decided that the meds didn't seem to help so we kept him off and lived with his symptoms until he was 12. He went to be evaluated at 4 at Boces. Our doctor, teachers, and the school counselor whom all thought he had the symptoms but he was almost a straight A student so I thought we could deal with his behaviors and that's why we kept him off meds. He got good grades A&B's and always bad social reports - distracting students/teacher, not paying attention, disrupting class but always with funny antics (not that it makes it okay).

He was seen by a psychologist during the summer before he started 6th grade. We started to rethink meds again in 7th grade because 6 and 7th grade we saw grades go down to C's and the social behavior did not improve. Our homelife was also struggling with the stress of ADD. I told the doctor I didn't want to use Ritalin or Dex since it didn't help in the past. He wanted to start my son on Concerta but we could NOT get him to swallow it and you cannot crush or break open the capsule (can't do that with Strattera either). So we worked our way up from 5mg once daily to 30mg once daily of regular Adderall (we tried XR but it didn't seem to be as effective in helping him focus at school). We still have issues when the meds wear off, but we all realize what is happening and deal with it the best way we can. His grades have improved from low 70's to 90's and his teachers have been giving better social reports - team player, pleasure to have in class, participates willingly... all the things you want to hope for your child. School is hard enough and if your son is struggling he may say he doesn't care but he really does, he just can't help it. Have your family doctor talk with you and your son. My doctor asked us questions that help him figure out the right path to take in treatment. He may refer you to be evaluated by a psychologist too, but he may also start you on a low dose med in the meantime.

It was a struggle for us to accept meds as you can tell by how long it took us to get back to it. But, we realized that we needed to give our son the best start in life that we can and someday, he will not need meds, but his academic record to going to affect his future and if this helps then we will do what we have to. Initially we had to see the doctor every month while we were finding the right dosage. You have to go to the doctor's office every month to pick up the perscription because of the regulations on the meds. The doctor also referred us to another psychologist who he sees every month. Now we see the doctor every 3 months and just schedule an appointment if we need to.

Good luck. We'll be here to help you with what we know.

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