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Im 16 and was on strattera for about 2 months.My doctor noticed that I had dilated pupils. I didnt know if it was because of my strattera, or if it was interacting with my acne medication accutane. well anyway, as far as my ADD is concerned, the straterra worked for a while, but I found after a month or so that i was still having problems concentrating with my ADD. So now my doctor put me on Concerta. Does anyone have any problems with concerta? How long does it take to work. Im only on 18 mg a day right now, and is there any pupil dilation?

That helped me out a bit. When i was on strattera it did make me tired. I have discontinued accutane and strattera and 3 days later i still have dilated pupils. I think concerta works slowly for me so i may need to up the dose of it. I am able to concentrate a 100% better and for people that say ADD is an excuse, they are wrong, cuz this helps me out so much better! I'm doin better in school, with friends, who knows, i may even get a girl i like to ask me out or i may have the courage to ask her out cuz of the way the medince [email protected]!

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