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Jan 17, 2005
I was diagnosed with add at an early age and also stopped taking the meds at a relativly early age. I have been wondering lately if it would help me during my day if i began to take the meds again. I am a teacher and my days are usually very productive buit there are times that i just dont feel like i can keep up and i have 20 things happening to me at once. I have been to many docs and they will give me adderall, ritilan etc. I was wondering what the stratera is like. I heard that it is non stimulant. I have also heard that it is much like an antideprssant. If that is the case, then i already take 20 mgs of Lexapro daily. I would imagine that taking more of an antidepressant would not be the answer. Can anyone give me some ideas about what straterra does for you. I know Adderall and Ritilan make you feel wierd or high, but it goes away after a few days. I want to know what you think if it would be a good thing to do to try to get put back on the stuf. :jester:

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