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I am very Familiar with disgraphia. Let me give you small bit of background about myself. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was in early elementary school and had lot of accademic difficulty as well as a lot of social difficulty growing up as a result of it. I also have Epilepsy, my first seizure was on my mom's first mother's day which was also her birthday. Imagine how that made her feel. My situation got so bad that on the day before my high school graduation I tried to commit suicide.

During high school I could not take notes in class no matter how hard I tried. The problem was that my brain was processing thoughts and ideas at a rate that was extremely faster than my hand could write at. These thoughts my brain was processing were on the topic we were talking about in class at the time but I couldn't write at the pace my brain was working at.

That is exactly what Dysgrapia is. It makes the brain process thought about the topic of conversation faster than the person's hand can write at.

After high school I went to a college for learning disabled people called Landmark College. In fact it wasn't until I was at LMC (Landmark College) untill I found out that I also have dysgraphia. They helped me discover that I can use a laptop for note taking. Typing notes can help a person with dysgraphia get their thoughts out paper/screen a lot more easily than wrighting it by hand. In some cases dysgraphia can have such a severe effect on people that they have to have another person follow them from class to class just to take notes for them.

You might want to look into some learning assistive software for your son. A lot of it is really expensive but is really helpfull. Typing papers can be difficult for people with dysgraphia. The best way to deal with this is by using voice recognition software. The one I recomend is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. I use it religiously. Here is the link for mor info on it [ [b] please do not post commercial websites - use brand names only [/b] ]. You might also want to look into contacting LAndmark college for more info on ways you can help your son as he is going through the difficult experiences that come with being LD. Going through Addolesence is alot more emotionally difficult for LD people than it is for non LD people. I would also suggest you look into LMC for your kid. Even if you choose not to send hime there they can help you out with lots of advice on getting through th difficulties of being LD. Here is the LMC's websight address [url=]Landmark College[/url]. Send me an Email if you would like more info on learning assistive software programs. my email address is [ [b] please carefully review the posting rules - no emails [/b] ]

The best of luck to you

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