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[QUOTE=index.html]What the drug insert actually says is: "Amphetamines have been extensively abused...There are reports of patients who have increased the dosage to many times that recommended. Abrupt cessation following prolonged high dosage administration ..." leads to the withdrawal syndrome you describe. Discussion of the risk of amphetamine psychosis is in the same paragraph and refers to chronic abuse ("chronic intoxication"), not long-term usage at prescribed doses. There is a world of difference between the two.[/QUOTE]

You are right; however, long term use can lead to tolerance which forces the dosage higher, and some may reach a point where they need to take more than directed to avoid a phenomenon called tolerance withdrawal, meaning when the brain has built up tolerance, the regular dose is recognized as too small and the brain thinks its in withdrawal, or lacking in what it needs. Some refer to it as "accidental addiction", the accidental addict will not usually have euphoria/drug seeking traits but will take more of the drug to feel "normal" when tolerance builds up.

Sometimes this is offset with additional drugs by doctors, usually adding other diagnosis to the original diagnosis. For example, when one develops depression from long term use of amphetamines, one would be given an antidepressant. Now, if the AD causes anxiety, then they could give a benzodiazepine or neuroleptic for that. Polypharmacy makes a terrible tasting stew but alot of people are swimming in it that maybe shouldn't have been originally.

Then again, some people can stick to the same dose for ages and not need more to work properly.

Tolerance is a strange and unusual animal, never seems to follow an exact pattern but I'm guessing the majority of people do run into it eventually, some sooner than others.

Real addiction or abuse is when someone is seeking an abnormal feeling from the drug. People who end up "abusing" just to feel normal due to tolerance are not the same, but are usually put in the same catagory. In the first catagory, the person is to blame. In the second (accidental), it's the drug that is to blame.

But just because it takes "abuse" to run into trouble (aka adverse effects) we shouldn't assume it can't happen even at higher doses docs will prescribe. Everyone's drug sensitivity is not at the same level nor is their tolerance.

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