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[QUOTE=muztang777]I can tell you one thing.. I was on 75 mlgs once a day of dexedrine.. It caused me to have 2 heart attacks... I was 36 years old .. This was in 2001...People hardley ever believe me.. But this Dr. (phyciatrist)had never checked my blood pressure when I was taking it or anything.. I was so addicted to the stuff and speeding so hard all day.. But of course I liked the feeling... It helped my ADD but a vein in my heart narrowed from too much of the stuff.. So I spent 3 days in the ICU... And the withdrawls were awful... But I'm not saying a low dose of Dexedrine is bad... I was just over medicated.... I can't remember the dose I started out on... But I started taking it in 1998 until 2001.... Just thought I'd put my .02 in :) :wave:[/QUOTE]

Hi there, yes, I remember your post about your heart attack awhile back, I think it's important you continue to tell people because alot of people, especially due to tolerance, may end up on larger doses but still feel they are safe because the dose is within the realm of what a doctor can legally write on a prescription pad!

Amphetamine is Amphetamine, legality really has nothing to do with how your body reacts to it....and some people react to lower doses than others, this is why it is so dangerous because even doctors don't know patient-to-patient if something will go wrong. And even in patients who can tolerate larger doses, the end result to one's health is still in question.

So let me guess, did any doctor say the drug caused your heart attacks.. I don't remember the details of your story....or did they try to blame them on something else....certainly they can't blame them on old age, which I'm sure if you were older they would, how convienient would that be. I'm thinking they had no other recourse but to admit they caused your heart attacks with their "medicine".

"Medicine" isn't supposed to cause disease, right? :confused:

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