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Hi everyone.

I'm new to this forum and I'm desperately in need of your help guys!

ADD history: Got diagnosed at 9 y.o. Never got any help on how to deal with this. Went to my GP at the age of 29 (fall -04). Got medication for my anxiety and depression. My GP has referred me to a psychiatrist, and I'm still waiting to hear from him/her.

I have a BF, and we live together. He is kind of a neat-freak, and, well, I'm ADD... This is really starting to bother him, and he gets irritated and grumpy. I've tried to explain to him that I can't help it, but he thinks it's just bad excuses and that I'm just lazy... But I'm really not!

Some of my issues:

I'm having problems remembering things, like:
- To get the laudry out of the washing machine (I forget I put it on..)
- Cleaning the table, stove after meals/ cooking
- etc...

I have developed anxity and depression. When I'm depressed I don't feel like doing anything.... I get kind of apathic. I've started madication for this, and it got better for a while, but latetly with BF's moodswings, I'm having problems staying positive.

I don't have a job. When I think about it I feel anxiety, esp. when I think of the responsebilities that comes alon with the work...

I'm not "qualfied" for any financial support form the gouvernment. I'm kind of between a rock and a hard place....

I often plan to do things the next day (making calls, doing laundry, vakuuming, etc.), but I always forget to DO it when the morning comes.... I may have promised BF to do this and that, and when he comes home from work and I haven't done it, well, need I say more?

Anyway..... What can I do or say to make BF believe that I'm not lazy, and that I'm not making excuses??? :confused: Ugh.. I've explained my ADD to him, and I searched the internet for information, printed it and made him read it a while ago... After that he was very supportive and understanding. He went with me to my GP. He even made the call to schedual the appointment (I never seem to get there). Now he seem to have forgotten all that he read about my ADD....

Somebody, please, help a girl out!!

Thank you!

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